Whether your case is a possession with intent to distribute (PWID), conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm in connection with the commission of a crime under 924(c), or felon in possession of a firearm under 922(g), you need an aggressive attorney who knows the law to represent you.

Federal Courthouse, Austin, Texas

United States District Courthouse — Austin, Texas

Chad Van Cleave has handled Federal criminal matters since 2005, and has learned, through his own experience and from seeing the plight of clients of other attorneys in his own multi-defendant conspiracy cases, how badly things can go if a mistake is made along the way, either because of lack of Federal experience or because of inattention to detail.

Federal criminal practice is VERY different from State practice. Significant experience in State cases does not necessarily translate to ability in Federal cases. Make sure the attorney you hire knows the Federal criminal system. Anxiety and confusion is only multiplied by a draconian Federal Sentencing Guideline scheme that treats the same conduct exponentially worse than in a State proceeding for the exact same conduct.

When selecting an attorney, ask if they enjoy trying cases. While very few cases actually make it to trial in the Federal system, an attorney who does not enjoy trying cases or who is afraid of going to trial may be tempted to advise his or her client to take a deal just to avoid trial. While your case may not go to trial, you want an attorney who will be able to use his willingness to take the case to trial as leverage for a better deal. Trial is not always the best route to the best result, but it should not be a deterrent to getting the best deal possible. If you do go to trial, though, an attorney who knows and loves the process is more likely to get you the best result than one who dreads it.

Hire an attorney who can take the time to explain what all your options are. The stress and, frankly, sheer terror brought on by being a defendant in a Federal case sometimes can cloud your ability to think. An attorney should not begrudge a client’s request to have things explained more than once. The attorney should know the options well enough to address the pros and cons of each, and be able and willing to take the time to communicate them. And the attorney should be willing to visit his client in jail.

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by Chad Van Cleave