Effective sentencing advocacy involves being intimately involved in the PSI preparation process, making sure that the final draft contains all that is necessary for the proper administration of the sentence, and also making sure that nothing is in the final draft that should not be. Many attorneys do not understand how the inclusion of improper content can hurt the Defendant. It also involves presenting the Judge with reasons to exercise his broad discretion in the Defendant’s favor, both in an effective presentation of mitigating factors both in a comprehensive Sentencing Memorandum and in argument at the sentencing hearing.



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In the typical case involving a plea agreement, effective sentencing advocacy involves more work after the plea than before. Because each case is different, a one-size-fits-all approach is inappropriate for most cases. For this reason, our firm tailors the service given in sentencing matters to the exact needs of the individual matter. A free informational package on the variety of sentencing advocacy services our firm offers is available upon request.

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by Chad Van Cleave