15th Apr 2020

Each federal prison is trying different approaches to respond to COVID-19, and the situation changes daily. Find an attorney to evaluate your situation to find the best grounds to advocate for an early release. more

6th Apr 2020

The Second Look Act, now in the Senate, proposes some small but encouraging steps in federal sentencing reform. more

1st Jan 2019

The First Step Act reduces mandatory minimums, but many of these reductions do not apply retroactively. Other provisions would help many if well implemented. more

7th Mar 2018

Talking to the police when you are accused of a serious crime is never a good idea. more

9th Sep 2015

H.R. 2944, the Sensenbrenner-Scott SAFE Justice Reinvestment Act of 2015, has bipartisan support in the House, but enacting it will be very difficult. more

27th Jun 2015

In the Johnson case, the Supreme Court struck down part of the Armed Career Criminal Act. Read on to learn how to take advantage of this ruling. more

19th Jun 2015

McFadden was convicted of selling cocaine-like chemicals as bath salts. The Supreme Court remanded his case due to inaccurate instructions to the jury. more