15th Apr 2020

Each federal prison is trying different approaches to respond to COVID-19, and the situation changes daily. Find an attorney to evaluate your situation to find the best grounds to advocate for an early release. more

6th Apr 2020

The Second Look Act, now in the Senate, proposes some small but encouraging steps in federal sentencing reform. more

7th Mar 2018

Talking to the police when you are accused of a serious crime is never a good idea. more

25th Feb 2015

Bipartisan support may be the key to the passage of the FAIR Act’s significant changes to asset forfeiture laws that currently threaten civil liberties. more

5th Feb 2015

Pedro and Margarito Flores were awarded a sentence reduction from life to 14 years because they became valuable informers on the Mexican drug cartels. more

26th Jan 2015

The Attorney General issued an order that could cut down on civil asset forfeiture. more

11th Nov 2014

Restricting pseudoephedrine has resulted in greater involvement of Mexican drug cartels in methamphetamine trafficking. This is not progress. more