15th Apr 2020

Each federal prison is trying different approaches to respond to COVID-19, and the situation changes daily. Find an attorney to evaluate your situation to find the best grounds to advocate for an early release. more

1st Jan 2019

The First Step Act reduces mandatory minimums, but many of these reductions do not apply retroactively. Other provisions would help many if well implemented. more

3rd Apr 2015

Given how few clemency petitions President Obama has granted, the sentence commutations for 22 inmates on March 31 are hardly grounds for hope. more

8th Jan 2015

Bottlenecks are slowing the DOJ’s processing of clemency applications to a crawl. more

17th Oct 2014

Can you wait for a Federal Public Defender to file a “Drug Minus Two” motion? Consider these things when figuring out whether to hire an attorney or not: more

12th Sep 2014

The DOJ clemency initiative excludes violent offenders. What can be done if someone was sentenced for a violent crime without committing violence? more

2nd Aug 2014

Here is our preview of the drug quantity table effective Nov. 1, 2014. more