8th Jan 2015

Bottlenecks are slowing the DOJ’s processing of clemency applications to a crawl. more

18th Dec 2014

This session of Congress has ended without passing any sentencing reform bills, including the Smarter Sentencing Act. more

16th Dec 2014

The Supreme Court ruled that if police make a traffic stop due to a mistake about the law, and then search the car, that is not an unreasonable search. more

28th Oct 2014

The Government only needs to make an allegation to seize your assets. They can keep your money without filing criminal charges, and the burden of proof is yours. more

16th Jul 2014

Sen. Rand Paul introduced the REDEEM Act and another bill to help those convicted of non-violent offenses re-integrate into society. more

7th Jul 2014

In Riley v. California, the Supreme Court ruled that the police must obtain a warrant before searching someone’s cell phone when they are arrested. more

25th Jun 2014

The DOJ proposed making “drug minus two” retroactive for only about half of otherwise eligible inmates. more