1st Jan 2019

The First Step Act reduces mandatory minimums, but many of these reductions do not apply retroactively. Other provisions would help many if well implemented. more

9th Sep 2015

H.R. 2944, the Sensenbrenner-Scott SAFE Justice Reinvestment Act of 2015, has bipartisan support in the House, but enacting it will be very difficult. more

27th Jun 2015

In the Johnson case, the Supreme Court struck down part of the Armed Career Criminal Act. Read on to learn how to take advantage of this ruling. more

19th Jun 2015

McFadden was convicted of selling cocaine-like chemicals as bath salts. The Supreme Court remanded his case due to inaccurate instructions to the jury. more

9th Jun 2015

In Henderson, the Supreme Court ruled that a felon may sell firearms to whom he chooses provided that the buyer will keep the firearms away from the felon. more

29th May 2015

Some in Congress have proposed a National Criminal Justice Commission. Comprehensive research could be helpful, but it seems unlikely to happen. more

30th Apr 2015

The Supreme Court ruled that a traffic stop cannot be lengthened in order to conduct a dog sniff unless the police have reasonable grounds for suspicion. more