4th Mar 2015

The Smarter Sentencing Act of 2015 would decrease the application of mandatory minimums for certain drug offenses, but its enactment faces difficulties. more

25th Feb 2015

Bipartisan support may be the key to the passage of the FAIR Act’s significant changes to asset forfeiture laws that currently threaten civil liberties. more

19th Feb 2015

The Recidivism Risk Reduction Act of 2015 makes some ambitious proposals. It remains to be seen how seriously Congress will take its ideas. more

13th Feb 2015

The Justice Safety Valve Act would allow a Judge to set aside a statutory mandatory minimum. It has a slim chance of passage. more

18th Dec 2014

This session of Congress has ended without passing any sentencing reform bills, including the Smarter Sentencing Act. more

16th Jul 2014

Sen. Rand Paul introduced the REDEEM Act and another bill to help those convicted of non-violent offenses re-integrate into society. more

5th Jun 2014

The latest version of S. 1675 has good ideas that, if implemented wisely, may help the federal prison population grow less swiftly and reduce costs. more