18th Jul 2014

The Drug Minus Two amendment will be retroactive, but no resulting sentence reductions will take effect before Nov. 1, 2015. more

25th Jun 2014

The DOJ proposed making “drug minus two” retroactive for only about half of otherwise eligible inmates. more

28th Apr 2014

The DOJ announced it would encourage federal inmates who meet six criteria to apply to have their sentences reduced. What can we hope for? more

21st Apr 2014

Prisoners in solitary confinement have “their minds altered by an experience so fraught with risk that scientists require special dispensation to do it to animals.” more

27th Mar 2014

The Federal BOP compassionate release policy is a good mechanism for relieving prison overcrowding – that is, it would be if it were implemented well. more

28th Jan 2014

I have received a huge number of calls and emails from people asking me how the memo issued by Attorney General Holder affects their loved one’s case. For almost all of them, my answer is, unfortunately, “It doesn’t.” more