16th Jul 2014

Sen. Rand Paul introduced the REDEEM Act and another bill to help those convicted of non-violent offenses re-integrate into society. more

7th Jul 2014

In Riley v. California, the Supreme Court ruled that the police must obtain a warrant before searching someone’s cell phone when they are arrested. more

25th Jun 2014

The DOJ proposed making “drug minus two” retroactive for only about half of otherwise eligible inmates. more

5th Jun 2014

The latest version of S. 1675 has good ideas that, if implemented wisely, may help the federal prison population grow less swiftly and reduce costs. more

7th May 2014

When Border Patrol checkpoint stops result in asset forfeiture, the agents think they can get away with it. more

28th Apr 2014

The DOJ announced it would encourage federal inmates who meet six criteria to apply to have their sentences reduced. What can we hope for? more

21st Apr 2014

Prisoners in solitary confinement have “their minds altered by an experience so fraught with risk that scientists require special dispensation to do it to animals.” more