5th Feb 2015

Pedro and Margarito Flores were awarded a sentence reduction from life to 14 years because they became valuable informers on the Mexican drug cartels. more

26th Jan 2015

The Attorney General issued an order that could cut down on civil asset forfeiture. more

8th Jan 2015

Bottlenecks are slowing the DOJ’s processing of clemency applications to a crawl. more

18th Dec 2014

This session of Congress has ended without passing any sentencing reform bills, including the Smarter Sentencing Act. more

16th Dec 2014

The Supreme Court ruled that if police make a traffic stop due to a mistake about the law, and then search the car, that is not an unreasonable search. more

11th Nov 2014

Restricting pseudoephedrine has resulted in greater involvement of Mexican drug cartels in methamphetamine trafficking. This is not progress. more

28th Oct 2014

The Government only needs to make an allegation to seize your assets. They can keep your money without filing criminal charges, and the burden of proof is yours. more